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We believe that research goes far beyond the analysis of data: It is about being in contact

with the most varied kinds of people and, by doing so, learning more about the world and

about ourselves.

This is what motivates and delights us. We want to convey this passion for

the human side of qualitative data to every person involved in the research process, as we

believe that this formula makes the insights much more truthful and relevant.


Recruit strategically, using screeners that prioritize life styles; 

Choose or create atmospheres that encourage participants to be spontaneous; 

Elaborate guides that combine objective and projective techniques; 

Suggest techniques that complement the traditional ones, always focusing on

encouraging our interviewees to have a more dynamic and truthful experience;

Seek support from experts and opinion formers to complement the interviewees’ point of view;

Develop deliverables in distinguished formats – such as mini-documentaries, books,

magazines, photo stories, and others – that spark the interest, inspire and lead to

new ways.



Cozy Chat is our vision of focus groups. We believe that the ambience is paramount to achieving a distinguished and more revealing result of the behavioral aspects of participants.

With that in mind, the discussions take place in inviting, inspiring and unconventional places,

which results in a more authentic expression of people.



An invitation for a cup of coffee – the cake is on us: We bring it for you! We love visiting all

kinds of households (from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones), meeting people and

listening to their stories. In this dynamics, we get closer to the interviewees in an intimate

atmosphere, so that we can understand their behaviors, habits and life style in more depth.


   by LIGA

Activities developed with different areas of one same company to propose contemplation and

thinking about a joint project, coming up with a concept, in the end. It can be used for

strategic positioning, design of new products and services and interaction among different

areas. In this process, our work is performed in different steps:

  • Workshop production with the different areas of the company;

  • Groups moderation;

  • Analytical presentation, containing a wrap up of the ideas created by the participants


    connecting ideas

The CELLHPHONE + FINGER equation defines the new reality of social relations among

young people. Aware of that, we developed Finger Talks, promoting chats among people

aged 14 to 30, from the social-economic classes A, B and C. Connected through their cell

phones in groups created by us in online chat applications (Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangout,

etc.), friends get together to discuss a topic in a free, authentic and spontaneous manner. Our

moderators also take part in the group and play a challenging role, in an interaction that aims

at extracting behavioral positioning about the topic under discussion.



The consumers show the world from their own angle. PhotoMissionaries are consumers that act as research agents, engaged in missions established by us. With the objectives of the study in view, we invite the participants to photograph the world through their lenses,

emphasizing their interaction with the product/service at hand, and later, in presencial meetings, we investigate the motivations that generated these records. The final report presents the consumers’ genuine view, comprised by images made by them, complemented

by our analyses of the motivations that underlie their records.


The cities never stop, their rhythm is pulsing and their population yearn for novelties. We use the urban dynamics in favor of our research, bringing creative interventions to the routine of the cities. The objective is to engage consumers in contributing with their points of view, in an aggregative manner. Some practical examples:

  • In a Project about personal life, we place a ballot box on the streets of São Paulo, inviting pedestrians to cast a message about what their strategies to achieve their objectives in life would be.

  • In a study about coffee, we spent three winter afternoons at Paulista Avenue, offering coffee to people to understand the meaning of this beverage for the people who live in São Paulo.



As researchers, we love to observe people and their behaviour on the streets of big and small cities. In the Scene Invasion, we choose the places that are visited by the target public of the study, and have a very light-hearted chat on the street. One question leads to the other, one interviewee complements the other, and in the end we build a really intersting mosaic of insights. It works pretty well for product tests, for testing concepts, and for gathering insights and opinions.




     whately neves    

Alice embarked on the universe of research as a very good surprise. With a BA in Social Communication from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM-SP), she built her professional background in advertising agencies until an unexpected challenge was presented to her: Join the team of a research institute that conducted projects outside of São Paulo, focusing on social class C. After over three years gathering experience in the area and making continuous improvements to the work, Alice, whose eyes and ears were always open to the details, decided to found Liga. With the objective of conducting creative research that permeates each person’s micro universe in a smooth and spontaneous manner, Liga enables Alice to explore the maximum capacity of her very essence: curiosity, empathy and sensitivity.




An intent observer since an early age, Claudio Queiroz started his journey of immersion in the human being when he achieved his degree in Drama from Unicamp and founded his own theater company. Without even knowing it, he connected the most subjective ends of both things. The world of research made it possible to dive deep in the exercise of listening, attentive looking and keen observing of he who needs to translate the unsaid in data: Behaviors, habits and all the countless variables that make each person a unique world. From then on, he saw research not only as professional investment but also as an opportunity to interact with different people. He completed a postgraduate degree program in Sociopsychology to deepen and connect the concepts of sociology and psychology, and create the opportunity of better understanding people. He worked at some of the main research institutes in Brazil, among which Ibope, Ipsos and TNS, until he joined Liga four years ago as a Collaborator-Partner and Research Manager. Liga is the place in which he can daily reaffirm his commitment to understanding the differences.


The format of our work is characterized by the collaboration of people who are part of our network and have incorporated the DNA of LIGA. Our connections include designers, photographers, journalists, psychologists and sociologists, among other professionals. 



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